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Planning your flights, and some useful websites and phone numbers

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Flight tips

New search engines, such as, specialize in finding the lowest flight prices and is useful for independent travellers.

Direct flights to the new terminal at Izmir, combined with the appearance of budget airlines, have made for cheaper flights. For maximum convenience you can now fly direct from London (Gatwick) or Frankfurt to Izmir with British Airways for around € 100. Also, shuttle flights from Istanbul to Izmir for as little as € 30 open up a wide range of extremely cheap flights to Turkey eg London - Istanbul £ 30 / € 30 with Easyjet.

If your priority is to keep travel costs to a minimum, can be flexible with flights and you are prepared to search for the best offers, you should be able to secure a last minute discounted ticket - even with scheduled airlines such as BA and Turkish Airlines.

The discount airlines, such as Easyjet, already operate to Istanbul which is well served by fifty minute shuttles on to Izmir. Easyjet flights can cost as little as £69 both ways and the Onurair, Sunexpress and AtlasJet operate shuttle flights for around £30 one way. Discount airline flights are best booked early.

Keep an eye on the summer schedules published for 01 APR. Don't forget 'flight only' with charter companies to resorts on the south coast such as Antalya. These can be very cheap, and if you take a domestic shuttle flight, or luxury inter-city coach, you can complete your journey for as little as £30 one way. The intercity bus will also arrive at the same terminal as the local buses to Foça depart from.

From the airport in Izmir (domestic terminal) there is now a metro connection that makes the transfer much easier than before. This is also the most inexpensive alternative. You go by metro to Hatundere if your destination is Eski Foça, Biçerova for Yeni Foça and to Aliağa for Yeni Şakran. If you are going by car from the airport the best route will be the new motorway that leads around the congestion-prone center of Izmir.


Earlier you had to wait in an endless queue at the arrival airport to obtain you visa to Turkey. Now that has changed. You can do it all online before you go on holiday. Look up this address: There are various language options to choose among. Your visa will be valid for 180 days, so you might even be able to take another trip! The price depends on which country you come from, around 40 € is a good average.


At Izmir airport we can arrange for you to be collected by Kandora Service and delivered direct to your flat door for less cost, and with in less time, than is possible with an airport taxi. We can arrange this transfer or you can book direct with Kandora Service.


Traditionally money is best changed at your destination. The rates of exchange in the airport are very poor, though they may be better than you will be offered outside Turkey. You should try to change back before leaving Foça at the end of your holiday.